8 Most Popular Fitness and Diet Myths
Are you depressed about your body? Have you been working out and dieting for years and nothing is still happening aside from a two-pound loss? Maybe you are a victim of false beliefs.

Here are the 8 Most Popular Fitness and Diet Myths that you should know about:

1. Running can Substitute Strength Training

Running can be an overall workout but it does not mean that it increases your muscle mass. Since running only workouts the lower part of the body, muscles in the legs and thighs are strengthened. The upper body muscles do not gain enough intensity to build muscles.


2. Holding Weights While Doing Cardio

This is a big no-no when training. Yes, it will slightly help with the fat burning but it can increase the risk of injuries. As much as possible, cardio exercise should be done without any weights.

3. Sports Bras are Just For Pain

Workouts can stress the bust muscles resulting to a painful bounce. But actually, sport bras adds support to the breasts decreasing the risk of sagging. It will keep your chest firmer while eliminating the pain.

4. Frozen Fruits as Alternative

The truth is, frozen fruits have more nutrients than fresh fruits. The latter are stored for a couple of days before it is delivered in the supermarkets decreasing its freshness. On the other hand, frozen fruits are chilled at the peak of their freshness and will be preserved until it is consumed.

5. Crunches Will Remove Fat in the Belly

Crunches, Sit-ups and AB Workouts only tones the abdominal muscles but it does not remove them. If you have a big belly and you want it removed, you should first do full body workouts like cardio exercises. Running could be a good exercise. After you have lost weight and your belly became a little bit smaller, you can already do some toning exercises.

6. Water makes you lose weight

Some people say that water can help with losing weight. This is actually not true. Water will only cleanse your body from toxins but it does not remove fat. Your repeated visit to the comfort room can keep you busy and will make you forget hunger.


7. Stretching is essential before training

Stretching is a good exercise in the muscles but doing it before training will restrict your muscles from doing intense workouts. A good and proper warm up is best before workouts. Stretching can be done after training. This will increase flexibility and relieve soreness.

8. Have a veggie diet to lose weight

Exclusive vegetarian diet does not guarantee a loss in weight. It is also not a healthy one because you are removing a certain food group out of your system. Even if you can have veggie meat, it cannot substitute the protein content of animal meat.

Sometimes, because of desperation, you tend to do all the things they tell you about dieting and fitness. Actually, they are just myths. Practice the proper diet and fitness program. Do not ever do these 8 Most Popular Fitness and Diet Myths.
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